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As most of you are aware, i will be moving to Australia and heading up Geraghty Surfboards in Queensland from Jan 2012.

A lot of surfers and customers have asked, how are we going to be able to order boards from you in the future?

The answer is YES, all my latest designs that i will be creating from my experiences in the leading hub of the surfboard industry worldwide, in Queensland, will  be sent back to South Africa and produced in my associated factory to my specifications using their in house shaping machine and finishing process. The factory is based in Durban and will pack and ship all orders to anywhere in South Africa and the world!

Below is a step-by-step guide as to how to order your very own new Custom Geraghty Surfboard Online in 2012:

Firstly, the best way to experience the custom designing process is to download an application called SKYPE, this u can do from this link 


Create your own account name and  get your computer to operate with either in-built speakers and microphone, or get a head-set. Check the speaker and microphone settings are working properly and then search for “Dean Geraghty Shapes” in the search field…

2)  Due to the 8 hour time-zone difference, i will be available to have skype video meetings MON-FRI from 11.30am- 1pm SA time, by arrangement ONLY.


Please send me an email requesting a time to meet on skype to: . We will then connect at the agreed time and begin the VIDEO  Skype call.


3) if you are unable to connect via skype you can email me your enquiry to or call me on my overseas numbers when they are available off my web-site click on the “contact us” link to view my Australian contact details.


4) Once we have arranged a meeting and connected via Skype we will then be able to discuss your requirements on live internet without you having to leave your office or home.


5) please always provide as much personal surfing information and data as this helps me make an accurate assessment of what your requirements are for your next NEW board.



6) Once we have discussed the options, I will begin to design your board online for you to view fully as i talk you through the design features and concepts based on your needs and what you are looking for.

7) then i will design and show you the outline measurements:



8) After that, I will explain and show you the rocker profiles and thickness proportions of the model being designed for you:


9) Then, we look at the next view, checking that the rails are as u would need them:


10)  We do a brief overview:

11) we then render the image to 3D view which allows me to show you what your board will look like in my “VIRTUAL” shaping bay

This image can be flipped and rotated to look at every angle of your new board design so that we can assess the concaves, rails, outlines , rocker, thicknesses and the overall look of your NEW  board in FULL 3D.


12) Once completed, the file is saved using a URN ( Unique Reference Number) starting with :ie D13051

Once you have this new design file it will remain your unique file number forever.

This number entitles me to access your design and “tweak” or fine-tune it as needed when required to help you improve your surfing.

Your feedback is CRITICAL in this process to being able to maximise the performance of your surfboards and future surfboard orders.


13) I then create your order-form online:

Here we capture your contact details etc, discuss your lamination requirements, logo placements, and if u require any other detail such as spray designs etc ( please note please try email a copy of your spray design – it saves a lot of time)

14) Your NEW board gets computer cut to your specifications, using our specialized Hi-tech cutting process allowing us to get to 95% accuracy in overall cut and almost 100% accuracy in the bottom cut making sure your rocker , thickness and concaves are all 100% accurate !!!


15) Your board will be finished, packed and sent road-freight to any major destination in South Africa or Abroad.


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