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The Bullet

The Bullet was designed for those very indifferent days when u want to go out, but the waves just don’t have any guts to them, The Bullet makes it fun, when u thinking you will have a “crappy” surf and come out with a huge smile… that’s what The Bullet delivers. Good speed through flatter sections, quick off the mark, turns quick and tight and u ride it with your traditional surfing style and approach… this is not a FISH..The Bullet has some unique features, including the flat deck and Diamond Rail combo and the Diamond-Tail, best surfed as a quad , but with a D5-five-fin setup u can use a sa quad or thrusters as you prefer.

Designed to be surfed 4-6” shorter than your regular board depending on your skill level, but an increase of volume of about 1-2 litres. – Enjoy!”